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KATHERINE LESZCZYNSKI/WORLD-HERALD-NEWS SERVICE Tawnie Perez hangs on as classmate Savannah Neece pulls her across the gym during chariot races. The races are always the closing event for the Ralston Middle School's Greek Olympics. KATHERINE LESZCZYNSKI/WORLD-HERALD-NEWS SERVICE Seventh-grader Emma Broshar goes for a ride during the annual Greek Olympics at Ralston Middle School on Feb. 3. This Olympics are tradition for all RMS seventh-graders. KATHERINE LESZCZYNSKI/WORLD-HERALD-NEWS SERVICE Moises Mendoza, left, holds on while classmate Kale Houston pulls him during a chariot race at the Ralston Middle School Greek Olympics. The day-long event for seventh-graders features different events relating to the original Olympics. KATHERINE LESZCZYNSKI/WORLD-HERALD-NEWS SERVICE Seventh-grader Alondra Torres goes for a chariot ride during the Greek Olympics closing ceremonies event on Feb. 3 at Ralston Middle School.

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Were not just going to random doors or pulling random cars over. Christensen further described reports of identification checkpoints and random home visits as needless fearmongering and completely inaccurate rumors. She said the agency is eager to take the level of fear in the community down, while still doing our job. Christensen also stressed that ICE is working off target lists and that 75 percent of the people who have been arrested have criminal convictions. According to a fact sheet distributed by ICE on Monday , the enforcement surge included operations in the Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Antonio areas of responsibility. Christensen said the operation ended on Monday evening and described these targeted enforcement surges as very common. Most field offices are required to do a few a year, and its not uncommon for us to do a coordinated operation with several field offices at a time, she explained. During his presidential campaign last year, Trump said enforcing immigration laws would be one of his priorities, but Christensen pointed to a number of similar operations during the administration of President Barack Obama. The ICE fact sheet listed four different national targeted fugitive operation enforcement efforts between 2011 and 2017, with between 1,660 and 3,100 people ชุดเครื่องนอน jessica arrested each time. According to the fact sheet, over 680 people were arrested in the operation this month. However, a DHS official told Yahoo News that is likely to be only a part of the total. The official said ICE put together statistics on the number of arrests before the operation fully concluded on Monday evening, due to immense public interest. The ultimate total will probably be higher, the official said. Christensen provided a more detailed breakdown of the people arrested by ICE during the surge.